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Firearms training in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gun training in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Charles Smith
Owner/Lead Instructor

Five-O Tactical is THE choice for the armed citizen looking to advance their training and safety through practical, competent instruction in North East Oklahoma.

Your basic SDA course was insufficient. You know this. Five-O Tactical was founded on the need for advanced, PRACTICAL training for today's armed citizen. Our classes are rooted in what owner/lead trainer Chuck Smith believes to be the two basic principles of surviving a violent encounter, know when to shoot...know how to shoot. You will find these principles reinforced in all our training. Let us teach you what your SDA class did not, how to survive a life threatening, violent situation.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to firearms training, but few can compete with Five-O Tactical's experienced and highly trained instructors. In addition to uniformed patrol, Chuck spent 8 years working plain clothes narcotics details both in Oklahoma as a State District Attorney Task Force officer, and federally while assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration. It is this experience, coupled with almost 30 years of off-duty concealed carry, that helped Chuck hone his skill set and tactics. But don't take our word for it, listen to what our students say:  


"I personally have trained with quite a few of the "big name" instructors out there. While I learned a lot from each of them (and trained with some multiple times) I can say with out a doubt, I learned more about gunfighting from Chuck than any of the other instructors I have trained with. While it is cool to be fast and try to get a coin or a hat being the best shooter in one of the celebrity instructor classes, I would much rather get instruction on things that I can use every single day that can save my life and the lives of my loved ones. I will be training with Five-O Tactical again. Do yourself a favor and do the same. You owe it to your family." - Five-0 Tactical Student

-Thank you


Five-O Tactical was founded by lead instructor, Charles "Chuck" Smith. Chuck is a decorated, 27 year retired police officer and state CLEET certified police instructor for the last 20 years. He is also a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center federally certified Firearms Instructor and was one of only three in his class to graduate with the prestigious "Expert" title. He is also a FLETC certified Active Threat Instructor.

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