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The $6.00 Target Stand

In addition to my trainings offered at facilities like the United States Shooting Academy, I also conduct them at private ranges. These locations while usually convenient for the client hosting the event, often present various obstacles for me. Until recently one such obstacle was target stands.

I needed something durable,  portable, professional in appearance, and most of all, affordable.  The latter pretty much ruled out all of the commercial offerings so I new rather quickly a diy stand was imminent.  After much research I came up with a modified version of my two favorites.

This stand not only met my requirements, it was also extremely easy and quick to build. In fact, so much so I built 10 of them in under an hour!  Here's the details:

You'll need-

One  8'   2x4, one  8'   1x4, two   8'   1x2 furring strips, one  box of 3 1/2" exterior wood deck screws   * Wood or Gorilla Glue optional. Total cost = right at $6.00 per stand !!

Cut the 2x4 into four 2' sections. I bought my materials at Lowe's who will cut your lumber for free so I had them do the 2x4's.  Who was I to refuse! The rest I cut at home which went like this, the 1x4 into 20.5" pieces, and the furring strips into 5'6".

I centered a section of the 1x4 between two 2x4's. I used Gorilla Glue and the deck screws to hold it together.  I put 2 screws to towards each end of one side and 1 in the center of the other side. Since I was using 3 1/2" screws, they contacted each board very well and negated the need for more.

I then placed the remaining 2x4 sections on the ends and connected them with 2 screws each . You can see in the pic that the space left by the shorter cut 1x4 leaves a perfect space to place the furring strips.